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Denny Zeitlin interviewed by Willis Conover for Voice of America, 1965


The 63rd Monterey Jazz Festival has been postponed until September 24-26, 2021.

Given its worldwide reputation, the high demand for entrance to the Fairgrounds, the Festival's commitment to its patrons, and the sensitive nature of artists' rights, the Festival has established the following policies regarding Media Credentials and coverage of the Monterey Jazz Festival:

  • Members of the Media must be on Monterey Jazz Festival’s Media list in order receive crucial information about the Festival’s lineup, jazz education programs, breaking news, and other time-sensitive items to be considered for a Credential. Please contact Timothy Orr to be placed on the list. Include all your contact information. You must apply by August 1, 2021 to be considered for a Media Credential.
  • Monterey Jazz Festival does not take Media Credential requests and/or applications via social media.
  • Being on Monterey Jazz Festival’s media list does not automatically guarantee that you will receive Credentials to the Festival. You must reapply each year to be considered.
  • Only members of the Media assigned to cover the Monterey Jazz Festival from a recognized media outlet may qualify for a Media Credential. If you are applying to the Festival for the first time, please include links to your previous coverage of music festivals or shows. Journalists with no supporting articles will not be considered.
  • Monterey Jazz Festival defines "Media" as: journalists, photographers, editors, or producers who have a verified and specific editorial assignment to cover the Festival for a specific media outlet (print, radio, TV) that generate original articles or reviews on general entertainment, music, news, travel, etc. 
  • Members of the Media who obtain an assignment from their outlet (which must be sent directly to the Monterey Jazz Festival) who are issued a Media Credential from Monterey Jazz Festival must produce a original published story or review of about that year’s Monterey Jazz Festival. There are no exceptions. Previews that use recycled press releases from Monterey Jazz Festival do not count as original articles.
  • Bloggers and web journalists' media requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Freelance journalists without a specific assignment from a media outlet will not be considered for Media Credentials. Aggregation websites will not be considered for Media Credentials.
  • Advertising personnel, marketing and sales associates, runners, personal assistants or guests, and other similar support staff employed by media outlets do not qualify for Media Credentials. The Festival cannot issue Media Credentials to guests or family members traveling with journalists. There are no exceptions.
  • The Festival does not provide parking and/or accommodations for journalists.
  • Radio stations are eligible for two credentials per station only.
  • If you are a patron who has tickets to the Festival, please do not ask for a Photo Credential. We have gotten many recent complaints from other patrons and artists when a patron/photographer abuses their seating in the Arena to take pictures. Press photographers must shoot from specific areas, not next to paying customers.
  • Once approved for a Media Credential, we cannot issue additional credential requests at the door. If approved for a Media Credential, do not take a valid Credential acceptance letter and give it to another person not approved by the Monterey Jazz Festival staff.
  • The Festival staff maintains the right to issue, deny, or revoke Media Credentials at its discretion at all times.

Application Process for the 63rd Monterey Jazz Festival, September 24-26, 2021

To apply for a Media Credential for the 63rd Monterey Jazz Festival, the Media is asked to contact Festival staff between April 1 - August 1, 2021. After this August 1 deadline, it becomes impossible for us to consider your request and you will end up dissapointed. Walk-in requests for Credentials during Festival week will be denied. Please follow the instructions on this page to apply and by the credential cutoff dates.

We take the Credential process seriously, and so should you. If you are unable to provide the requested information on this page, then we cannot issue a credential to you. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

Please provide the following information:


  1. Full names of those covering the 63rd Annual Monterey Jazz Festival
  2. Media category for each journalist: Press (print, radio, TV, or web journalism), photography, or video. NOTE: Journalists using any kind of recording device (audio and/or digital video) must be accompanied by a video escort at all times while attending the Monterey Jazz Festival. Journalists using a detachable single-lens reflex camera (film or digital) must have a Photo Credential. Only a single Credential will be issued. Credentials are not mailed to journalists, they must be picked up at the Press Room at the Festival.
  3. Specific days when you will be attending the Monterey Jazz Festival (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, or all weekend)
  4. The circulation or expected readers/listeners of publication or broadcast
  5. Full contact information, including address, email and cell phone for each person
  6. Verification in writing (fax, email or hardcopy mail) from publication editor or assignment editor of the Media to cover the Monterey Jazz Festival. Verification must include full name and contact information for both the publication editor/assignment editor, and the applying journalist. Verification must be on appropriate letterhead.

Once at the Monterey Jazz Festival, if you lose your Credential, it cannot be replaced. Treat it like cash.

For publications or media not familiar to Monterey Jazz Festival staff, members of the Media must provide copies/links for previous articles covering jazz, music and/or entertainment.

Once the Monterey Jazz Festival is over, please send your review of the festival to us. Press clipping services and Google alerts don't catch every article. If we don't get a review of the Festival after issuing a credential (either sent by the journalist or obtained by Google or through a press clipping service) we will be unable to issue you a credential in the future.

All correspondence and questions regarding the Media Credential process should be addressed to:

Timothy Orr
Marketing and Public Relations Associate
Monterey Jazz Festival
P.O. Box JAZZ / Monterey, CA 93942
9699 Blue Larkspur Lane, Suite 204 / Monterey, CA 93940
Tel: 831.646.8670 / Fax: 831.373.0244

Members of the Media will be notified by early September 2021 or before regarding their status for Credentials for coverage of the 63rd Annual Monterey Jazz Festival.