What is a Typical Monterey Jazz in the Schools Visit Like?

Jazz in the Schools

Your first visit with our artists is a chance for everyone to get to know each other, set goals and expectations, and select one or two pieces of repertoire to focus on throughout the year. Our band introduces themselves, performs for the class and explains what they hope to achieve with your students over the course of the semester. Your band will be expected to introduce themselves, share what they are curious to learn more about, and play and rehearse one piece of jazz repertoire for our artists.

Lesson plans for subsequent visits will be determined by the goals and repertoire you determine with your Lead Artist. Typically, class begins with a performance by your ensemble, followed by an informal critique. Our artists often sit side-by-side with students in their sections, assisting them with parts, style, phrasing and technique. We also highly encourage learning off the page through call and response improvisation and ear training exercises.